Monday, September 28, 2009

Baie meer interesstante navorsing....

Ek sal graag wil sien hoe n buddhistiese brein verskil...

wat ek ook interessant gevind het was die verskillend areas wat bepaal het of vrees van n god eerder as n persoonlike verbindtens met n god deur verskillende brain areas bepaal word.

"This implies that religious beliefs and behavior emerged
not as sui generis evolutionary adaptations, but as an extension
(some would say ‘‘by product’’) of social cognition and behavior.
Furthermore, the current study suggests that evolution of certain
areas that advanced understanding and empathy towards our fellow
human beings (such as BA 7, 11 and 21) may, at the same time, have
allowed for a relationship with a perceived supernatural agent (God)
based on intimacy rather than fear. The idea that how you relate to
‘‘thy God’’ parallels how you behave to ‘‘thy neighbor’’ is a longcherished
claim of many religions (and is backed by some empirical
evidence [11,59]). In this study, we see that this link is elaborated in
the cognitive and neural foundations of religion"



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