Monday, March 08, 2010

Nou ja daar het jy dit...

So ver in my lewe het ek die gevoel slegs een keer belewe...

"Finding that there is a prevalence of self-change experienced when a romantic relationship ends provides a testament to the power of loss that impacts one's sense of self"

"This research is the first to demonstrate the unique contribution of reduced self-concept clarity to the emotional distress that individuals experience post-breakup."

"become implicated in romantic relationships would also contribute valuable information to the study of the self in a relational context. Given Andersen, Chen, and Miranda’s (2002) theory of transference of the relational self—that individuals carry relational prototypes and scripts with them throughout their lives—uture work should endeavor to investigate whether old self-in-relationship representations from former relationships can be merely transferred onto
new partners. If so, it may be reasonable to hypothesize that this transference would lessen the impact of breakup upon individuals’ selves, as they never have to truly discard their
self-in-relationship representation. This could also have interesting implications for relationship functioning to the degree that individuals’ cognitive interdependence with a romantic
partner is not tailored to that specific partner but is the result of a general self-in-relationship model that is applied to all romantic partners."

Die laaste aanname dink ek nie stem ek totaal mee saam nie, tot n mate ja maar... ek dink nie dis noodwendig vir n roemantiese partner nie... snaaks vir my is dit wel waar MAAR ek kan sien 'n situasie waar miskien nie so HOEF te wees nie...

Tog dit laat mens dink... (natuurlik moeilik om met iemand te bespreek...)



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